Title: Yellow Rose Supernova | Medium: Watercolor on Paper
Yellow Rose Supernova is an important work, a critical turning-point piece which is the first to be completed in phase II of Montana’s body of work: Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers. This painting marks the beginning of a new phase in Montana’s work dated early 2018. “As this painting was coming into being I was feeling a sense of creative renewal that could only be expressed through color, paint, and brush. I’d had a spiritual breakthrough that was triggered by a peak experience with soul-touching music and the musician who created it. The overarching topic, which was not conveyed literally, was all about the importance of creativity as a means of powerful spiritual revelation and self-connection. Over a period of weeks, this experience became integrated and inspired a new whole phase in my work that began with Yellow Rose Supernova.” Several months later Montana realized that phase two was in full swing. Serious inquiries may arrange an in-person viewing upon request. Please email me for further details including availability of original artwork.

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