Title: White Lotus, Lotus Pond, Twin Leaves | Medium: watercolor on paper
There's an energy about water lilies that's always drawn my attention in a very special way. Spending time creating paintings with this plant species is always calming, clarifying and centering for me. Part of the reason for this is the energetic signature of these plants. They have an intelligence that speaks to me and I understand their language. There's a reason they're a ubiquitous symbol for rising in consciousness in the far east. The spiritual journey of life whether we know it (show it) or not is toward a full flowering of consciousness. My painting "Lotus Pond" is a lovely distillation of this energy and viewers have always found it especially calming and centering. Christ consciousness or the full flowering and opening of our crown chakra is usually what we call this journey in the west. "White Lotus" and "Twin Leaves" are all offered in the same spirit. These are watercolors that have been inspired by my travels. Please email me for further details including availability of original artwork.

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