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From very early on, my talent for communication and design found me working with many wonderful clients on a wide variety of projects. Developing and designing things, marketing them and telling their story is just part of what I do. It's an art to be able to recognize and bring together the many facets of any creation be it fine art, high craft, music or the culinary arts etc... Over time, the wealth of knowledge I've accumulated professionally along with life experience has proven to be tremendously valuable for my clients. Applying my skills on behalf of those I choose to work with is where I excel. I take a personal interest in all of the projects I take on. And whether it's creative consultation, coaching or the design and execution of your website, I'm listening carefully and looking for the most practical and soul-intelligent path to embark upon. Ready or not, life will call you forward, so choose your most awesome path and step up to the plate. The world is waiting for you. It's your time. — Leslie Montana

Leslie Montana Creative Director, Lead Designer and Marketing Strategist at Studio Leslie Montana -
A Boutique Design and Advertising Studio,
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Clients Some of my favorites

Museum of Natural History NYC • Sony • NY Open Center • Arts Council of Essex County, NJ, Board Member • Essex Community College, NJ, Teacher • Harper Collins Publishers • Harper Perennial Books • William Morrow and Company Books • Doubleday Books - Penguin Random House • Harlequin Romance Books • Avon Books • Warner Books now Grand Central Publishing • Penguin Random House Books • Penguin Books • Dutton Penguin Books • Scholastic Books • Mitsubishi, Printing Division • Alpha Metals Worldwide • Norsam Nano Technologies • Prudential Reinsurance • Essex Entertainment • Special Music Company • The Toy Works • Fiddlers Elbow Company • Blue Sky Cafe and Bistro • Her Royal Highness, Princess Christina of the Netherlands • The Santa Fe Botanical Gardens • The Santa Fe Opera • The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History • The International Folk Art Alliance, Santa Fe • Ron Whitmore - Owner at Artisan Art Supplies, Santa Fe — etc...

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You and Your Brand

Stories are created by the interests and needs of any given culture. They can be fascinating and engaging, so-so bland, and even repel. But no matter what category they fall into, they serve as self-reflecting mechanisms that help us make choices and navigate through life. Great brands, or well-organized stories, inform relationships and can become the catalyst for dynamic connections. Your untold story, an inventory, and assessment of what you've been working with, even if it's just noted in your head, are among the first things we'll look at as we get started. The craft then becomes about presenting and delivering you and your product to your consumers. The world is waiting for your service, your art, the thing you've invented or created, and I'm here to help you tell the world about it. Intelligent communication to your audience matters. Authenticity matters. You're awesome, and your story matters. Let's set up a time to discuss your goals and aspirations. Mobile 973. 441. 5696 Email:

Why Choose Leslie Montana?

Fine art, music, high craft, and the culinary arts are among my specialties when it comes to design and communication. With a wealth knowledge and experience in the field I take a personal interest in the clients I choose to work with. Whether it's creative consultation, coaching or the design and execution of your project, I'm listening carefully and looking for the most practical and soul-intelligent path to embark upon. Wherever I turn my attention I take great care in looking at the obvious as well as at what's beneath the surface waiting to come into being. I'll listen to you with an intuitive ear making sure that your long and short-term goals are carefully considered. As we embark on this journey together we'll discuss options and explore ideas with the intention of bringing you and your audience together for the best possible results. Whether you're a seasoned artist or newbie, my goal is to assess the ideas, concepts, and materials you're working with so we can create the perfect medium to share your products with the world.

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  • Efficient, Well Concieved Action Plans
  • Personalized Service for You and Your Team

With technology at its current stage of development, there's never been a better time to reach out to the world with your product, service or invention. When you consider that business and commerce are really an art form, then appropriately creative as well as innovative solutions can be employed to help you achieve your goals. It's your job in life to share your particular brand of Awesomeness with the world. I can help guide you toward evaluating the path and choosing the best way and means to make it happen.

Your art, invention, brilliant idea or concept may be just the thing the world needs right now. If it needs packaging, polishing or even some brainstorming on how to manufacture it with greater ease, I'm here to help find an optimal solution.

Nowadays products are sought after for their unique qualities and how they are aligned to the current state of the world. Environmental concerns are at the forefront as are sensitive social issues. If you need a fresh approach or to address your professional positioning let's work on it with the intention of creating something great for you, together.

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