Title: Ruby Chard 2, Medium: Watercolor on paper, Size: 23 x 30 Inches
Ruby Chard II is an important work, a critical turning-point piece which is the second to be completed in phase II of Montana’s body of work: Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers. This painting marks the beginning of a new phase of Montana’s work from early 2018. Inspired by the colorful and contrasting colors of the vegetable garden, a vibrant patch of ruby chard was the inspiration for this somewhat more abstract work with psychedelic overtones. “I imagine this is how the plants see themselves,” says Montana grinning widely. “The restrictions we have upon sight are based upon what we think not what we would experience if we removed the filters. We know now that it's all actually undulating fields of light and color. The quantum field is alive and moving and it’s visible to the receptive eye." Serious inquiries may arrange in-person viewing upon request.

Small poster prints of Ruby Chard II are available here in my online shop. Please email me for further details including availability of original artwork.

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