Title: Reddest Rose In Rain | Medium: Watercolor on Paper | Museum Quality Giclee prints of this painting are available in my online store.
I love exploring with color and the range within single notes of the visible spectrum because there's so much there to experiment with. The subject matter here, a red rose, was alive and glowing in real life. That glow can only be translated and never captured. So the success of the painting depends on my willingness to let go of trying to capture anything and instead become familiar with all that rose wants to tell me in the time we spend together. This watercolor painting of a very red, velvety rose just after an afternoon rain was painted on Arches 140 lb hot press paper. Museum quailty Giclee prints of Reddest Rose In Rain are available in my online shop in several sizes. Please email me for further details including availability of original artwork.

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