Title: PURPLE IRIS WAVE, Medium: OIL ON CANVAS, Size: 32 x 52 Inches, Unframed

The striking composition of this predominantly purple and white oil painting is reminiscent of ocean waves curling inward and embracing one another. If you look closely you'll also see the yin and yang symbol within its softly curving petals. This canvas is 32 x 52 inches, so potentially large enough to reflect color back into the room it's placed in. Purple Iris Wave is one of those works of art that can be used to create softly energizing movement and ambiance. When choosing artwork for your environment keep in mind that it should always add positive energy. My canvas Purple Iris Wave has the potential to do that beautifully. Please email gallery@lesliemontana.com for more information on this painting and to learn about how you can commission me to create a work of art for you or your organization.

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