Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers

~ Special Commissions ~
From artist-designer Leslie Montana.

Since the beginning of history, art and its creation have been thought to have a special connection with the divine. As a testament to that, I can tell you that when I’m attuned and ready to paint, absolutely everything is stunningly beautiful. It’s as if I’m peering through and into another realm. My job is to sit in active meditation and allow the painting to be created through me as I hold that vision. Over time I’ve come to understand that the place I go in my interior is equally, if not more important than my artistic skills and their application. When I’m connected and in the zone, I create with the heart of my higher self. I’m centered in what I call an ultra-alive, quiet, spaciousness and the energy of that awareness is free to come through and become part of the work. I’m in an altered state that feels very normal to me. This state is usually reserved for creative activity, though on more than one occasion I’ve been approached by people with sensitive sight and told that light and color were streaming out of my fingertips on the dancefloor! Preoccupied and lost in the experience, it’s probably similar to what happens when I’m painting. It seems that the inspiration I experience, my connection to source, comes through and into semi-physical form as an energetic imprint. This energy, which has often been described as palpable by my collectors and appreciators, turns out to be a positive thing. My process which involves attention, intention and all the things I do to make a work of art, creates something wonderful and unique that’s in addition to the obvious. In a collaboration, such as a Special Commission, your spirit may become part of the process. Exclusively for you yet accessible for all. Please contact me for further details on pricing, scheduling and how you can participate in my Special Commissions, Exclusively for You program. I look forward to hearing from you.

Making the world more beautiful one painting at a time