Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers

~ Special Commissions ~
From Artist-Designer, Leslie Montana.

Since the beginning of history, art and its creation have been thought to have a special connection with the divine. As a testament to that, I can tell you that when I’m attuned and ready to paint, absolutely everything is stunningly beautiful. It’s as if I’m peering through and into another realm of higher reality. My job is to sit in an active meditation and allow the painting to be created through me as I hold that vision. As many seasoned artists will tell you, it's a spiritual pursuit. Over time I’ve had to unlearn what I was taught and have come to understand beyond any doubt that the place I go in my interior is equally, if not more important than my artistic skills and their application. When I’m connected and in the zone, I create with the heart of my higher self. I’m centered in what I call an ultra-alive, quiet, spaciousness and the energy of that awareness is free to come through and become part of the work. It's an altered state that feels very normal to me. This state is usually reserved for creative activity, though on more than one occasion I’ve been approached by people with sensitive sight and told that light and color were streaming out of my fingertips, especially on the dancefloor. Engrossed in the experience of life, it’s life that streams through me when I’m painting and creating in general. The inspiration I experience, my connection to source, comes through and into semi-physical form as an energetic imprint that is tangible to those who are sensitive. This energy, which has often been described as palpable by my collectors and appreciators is a positive thing. And my process which involves attention, intention and all that I do to make a work of art, creates something wonderful and unique that can be a very special painting made especially for you. I was born with the gift of vision, however, in January of 2018 I began pondering what I might see for the benefit of my clients and collectors. Could I delve into and reveal something special using paint and brush that was just for them? The answer quickly arrived as images and ideas appeared for each person I inquired about. Special Commissions, Exquisite Paintings on the Nature of Flowers, Exclusively for You was the answer. As your curiosity becomes real it creates the space for me to see your work of art in the ethers. Then, the act of bringing it into being is where the magic happens. Please contact me for more information and to find out how you might be able to participate in a collaboration such as this. I look forward to hearing from you. Leslie Montana

Making the world more beautiful one painting at a time