Title: Collard Greens | Medium: Watercolor on Paper. Museum Quality Giclee prints of this painting are available in my online store.
Watercolor on hot press paper gives my painting Collard Greens a slightly abstract quality with all of its color shapes layered on top of one another. I love to spend time in gardens, mine especially because I like to use what's growing in my art and cuisine. From an artistic standpoint, I loved the way the patterns of light and color formed on the leaves of this beautiful and sturdy plant. It's the translucence of it's green leaves that captured my attention. In this watercolor, the wavy edge formed naturally as I got close to the edge of an active area. I prefer to let the painted areas meet the white space of the paper in an organic and slightly unpredictable way. Museum quailty Giclee prints of Collard Greens are available in my online shop in several sizes. Please email me for further details including availability of original artwork.

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